Professional Bailiff services

A bailiff service is  a law enforcement to execute court decisions and other enforcement orders. Professional bailiffs are those who execute decisions, court decisions, other orders bearing, the enforcement formula and other operations relating to their competence as their principal duties.

At BETTER LEGAL SERVICES LAW FIRM, we have experienced and competent professional bailiff stand by to your call.

Our Bailiff  unit provides the following services:


  • Notification of a claim and submission of parties
  • Notification of a judgment rendered in absent,
  • Notification of a writ for provisional or final seizure by garnishment,
  • Notification of the court order to pay,
  • To  hire an expert in property valuation,
  • To obtain copies of judgement
  • To prepare a writ of attachment of the movable or immovable property
  • To carry out the public auction after seizure of movable or immovable property
  • To carry out public auction of movable or immovable property located in different areas
  • Notification of any other document


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