Make contacts & other legal documents

 Documentation is one of the most important responsibilities of the professional in Organization or individual affairs .  It is one task that if not done timely and accurately can lead to legal actions.  It is also your best defense when done well.

Documentation can be used as legal evidence to defend you and your facility.


Incomplete or inaccurate  document  can cause your organization legal and settlement fees, can cause you to lose your property, or may result in a lawsuit.That’s why every organization should ensure accurate and complete documentation and specific documentation tools easy to complete  at any cost.


The purpose of Make Document Unity  at Better Legal Services Law Firm is to provide professional and accurate documents and documentation tools that meet legal requirements for you or for your organization.

We have experienced lawyer and other expert in specific sector under the same roof.

The following list is the document we make for you:


  • Business documents
  1. Business contract
  2. Independent contractor
  3. Non-disclosure agreement
  4. Confidentiality agreements


  • Human Resource Documents
  1. Letters
  2. Employment contracts
  3. Company policies document


  • Intellectual Property documents
  1. Letters
  2. Agreement
  3. Other document


  • Data collection and other technology document
  1. Research data collection questionnaire
  2. Source document data collection
  3. Software development Document


  • Services Contract
  1. Construction contracts
  2. Maintenance and repair contracts
  3. Manufacturing contracts
  4. Transportation contracts
  5. Events contracts
  6. ICT services contract

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