Labour and Employment law

Better Legal Services Law Firm has extensive experience advising and representing employers and employees on all aspects of employment law.

Employment and labour law place heavy demands on employers. That is why you, as an employer, may require the assistance of a lawyer.

Many  companies are covered by general agreements. This may create challenges for you as a manager or employer when you need to ensure that your company complies with the most recent legislation governing employment and labour law.

We provide full assistance in the prevention and management of employment disputes, including the representation of clients before the employment courts as well as before domestic and international administrative authorities

We can assist with:

  • Employment litigation: We have wide experience representing companies, private clients and institutions before the courts.We can assist in all disputes concerning employment, including negotiation, mediation and litigation.
  • Social security and pension: We fully understand the interdependence between employment, social security and pension law and can assist with compliance with the Swiss pension system.
  • Employment contracts and internal work regulations: We have built considerable experience in drafting and reviewing employment contracts, employment handbooks, policies, working time regulations and all contractual documents related to employment law

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