Business set up

Starting a business can be great idea. However, it can be quite complicated, and may challenge you in ways you had not imagined. Knowing the challenges and problems you may encounter in your start-up can help you to prepare for the unexpected, and possibly help avoid common pitfalls. BETTER LEGAL SERVICES LAW FIRM has a Business set up unit to help you design your finance freedom algorithm.

We provide the following services:


  1. Incorporation and liquidation of companies cooperatives, associations and other non-commercial corporation
  • Drafting of a company constitution
  • Registration procedure
  • Procedure in bankruptcy
  • Liquidation procedure: refer to the tariffset by the Registrar General
  • Participation and opinion in a general assembly, drafting of the minutes of a general meeting
  1. Reorganization or setting up a business and investment file
  • Studies and advice
  • Preparation of the file and drafting of document
  • Identification of investment project
  • Development of the investment project
  • Defense of approval to the Investment authority
  • Development of a support document for the application for admission to the incentives of Investment Authority and participation in the defense of the application for approval by the investment Authority
  • Defense to get a loan

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